Jan from Revolution Motor Works was in town this weekend doing Dyno tunes at Monkey Wrench Racing, so you know I got one. With all my mods, before he started it ran just over 200 HP on the Dyno. Final results from some Fuel/Air ratio and other tweaks:
208.5 Whp and
170.1 FtLb of torque on a nice fat curve. They weren’t able to give me the digital graphs, so here is a scan of the print out. I had to enhance the lines to make them visible:

Also picked up a State Farm Disney ‘Cars’ Sunshade. It came with red eyes (as Lightning McQueen). I trimmed it down and painted it black (like everything else 🙂 )

And for those that want to know, here’s the paints I used: Pactra Lexan RC Car body paint, and basic Rustoleum Plastic paint:

I ran out of the Pactra paint so I finished it off with the other. Once it dries, I’m going to go over the creases with a fresh black Sharpie marker to get rid of all the red peeks.
Here it is in Chakik: A bit too tall still, need to trim it.

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