As you can see, daily posts went the way of the Dodo at the end. Just too much fun to sit around and post stuff. I’ve got a ton of photos and videos I’ll put up later today.
Overall, MINIs on the Dragon 8 – 2010 kicked major ass. I met some new and totally awesome people, had some incredible times with people I already knew and drove the hell out of that road. Cabin is already reserved for next year. See you guys then!

The Good:
Great weather wed-sat. Less traffic on the road due to the rock slide. Fire Pit. Lots of good times.
Quiet and understanding roommate.

The Bad:
Speeding ticket on my very first run.
Forgot peoples names already.

Tried to take the same photo from 2 years ago. Ironically the tree I had to photoshop out of the original is gone, replaced with a deck and a boat launch.

2005 Hyper Blue MINI Cooper S - Chakik

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