I’m a dork.
What was your first clue? The fact that my CAR has its own blog.

Given these now important facts, I’ll share with you this. Next week… the best road in the US (the Dragon) gets over taken by MINIs.

No. I’m serious.
The Dragon. Gets destroyed. By MINIs.

And I only mean destroyed in a nice way. We (hopefully, and this means you noobs and hard cores) stay behind the yellow line.
We bring donations for the local food banks. We (again hopefully) go out of our ways to make sure everyone has a great time.

This is the vacation i look forward to the most. The only one I can’t cancel anymore.
Vegas? It’s there all year, I can rearrange with my friends.
Comic-Con. Ok a bit trickier, its only there the same way MINIs take over the dragon. But.


As much as I want to show up in San Diego as a Steampunk version of Angle Man. I’d rather drive some obscure twisty road with people that own the same kind of car as me.
There I said it (sorry Dustin and Erik, I love you guys, vegas?) But this week, is the most fun I have every year.

MINIs on the Dragon. Maybe I’ll steampunk you guys out this year, and get my con stuff over with. 😉

I cant wait to see all of you and your fine automobiles.

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