Well I finally did it, been wanting to ‘Joey Mod’ the headlights for years, and now was the time. I just happened to have my brothers heat gun (thanks Greg!) so today was the day to tackle this last exterior chrome.

It took a while to heat the lenses up enough for the black ‘goo’ to give up its grip. Once I got an edge up it came up pretty easy tho. Finding the clips from inside the upper bulb housing was a bit tricky at first, but they popped right off (be careful to hold your lights over a towel or something as when the second clip disconnect they fly off with decent velocity).
I could not reach the torx head bolts that hold the mid-housing in place, so I ended up taping off the rest of the light (including the inner reflector, to maintain brightness). A bit of the chrome ended up flaking off where I had cut the painters tape, which I touched up with some chrome paint I had, but you can still see them. So not perfect, but they look really good.
Reassembly was a snap, a brief heat with the gun before squishing the lenses back on and BOOM. No more exterior chrome!

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