The engine/engine bay components came back from the powder coater yesterday.
They were intended to be black chrome, my thoughts were something close to the M7 Anniversary Strut Brace, but a bit darker.

What came back is much more gun metal colored, and much less chromy than expected. Which I have to admit I like better than what I had requested. All the parts are a nice shiny deep gray, and the way the powder coat went on, they get darker toward the edges, which creates a really cool look. They are actually sort of steampunk looking the way the color blends.

Of course in typical Detroit Tuned fashion, Chad did way more than what I was expecting, which is going to make it that much cooler! Just seeing everything that was a mixed bag of aluminum, chrome, and other metal all matching was awesome. Cannot WAIT to see it all together. The photos don’t really do the part justice.

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