I went a bit crazy buying new bits for the 2 new cars, and planned for some projects that are no longer going to happen. So I have some extra parts for sale! Lucky you! Send an email to jhamman(@)gmail(dot)com if you are interested in any. Or use the checkout below. NOTE: The total isnt showing up correctly in the cart, but it should when you go to PayPal.

  • [button color=”silver”]SOLD[/button] Schroth Quick Fit Racing Harnesses with Pads – Set of 2 (driver and passenger) quick fit racing harnesses.

  • [button color=”silver”]$175[/button]Interior Panels
     Interior A/B/C panels. I was going to paint these black to darken my interior.

  • [button color=”silver”]SOLD[/button]New Black Union Jack Aluminum Door pull covers. Spruce up your interior with these high quality door pull covers. Includes unused doublestick tape.

  • [button color=”silver”]$25[/button]Red Tow Hook
    New Red metal Tow Hook. Was supposed to be purple. Its red.

  • [button color=”silver”]$60[/button]Toggle Panel
     5 Switch Toggle Panel. Doesnt have the switch for rear fogs.

  • [button color=”silver”]$80[/button]OEM Fog Lights
    OEM Fog Lights. Would work great with the panel above for a stock appearance upgrade.

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