All leads to a Hamann bumper have turned up nothing. I was in touch with aftermarket suppliers in Japan and Australia, and no one has one anymore. So we need a plan D for a new bumper. I can patch up the current one, or looking at some other aftermarket options. The problem with most of these is the cool ones are only in Japan, so shipping is more than the bumper.
Option 1: Hamann Bumper, last place waiting to hear back from:

Option 2: Garbino. I quite like this one. Japan only.
Working link as of 5/20/16

Option 3: Albert Rick. Also Japan only

Another Japanese option, it may be the Garbino, looks really similar. I almost like this one best, I really like the vents it has. No response from the site as of 5/21/16 🙁

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